November 27, 2019

Recently, he was the VP of Data Science, at Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ: ACXM), in their Industry Principals Group at division within the Global Consulting. His clients included Fortune 100 companies in various verticals in US and Australia.

Prior to that Dr. Priyadarshy was at Network Solutions as the Chief Knowledge officer and Vice President of Analytics. A direct report to the Chairman and CEO of Network Solutions and a member of the senior leadership team, Satyam provided strategic leadership to improve products and services. Satyam led the transformation of the main revenue channel the, ecommerce storefront, from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 technologies. He provided leadership to web analytics, marketing analytics and custom analytics teams. He defined and implemented usability research, competitive intelligence and knowledge management structures using open sources technologies and solutions.

His key accomplishments include the alternative sourcing strategy using agile, adaptable and cost-effective outsourced global partners, 75% reduction in cost and 300% increase in productivity; deployment of the software as a service (SaaS) model for increased productivity, re-evaluation of the existing ROI models for search engine marketing leading to savings of millions of dollar per year and; innovative solutions for resolving issues raised by customers, by performing holistic analysis of business, technology and voice of customer data.

Prior to Network Solutions, Satyam led RKR Group, a boutique consulting company, focused on CEOs and CTOs of a variety of public (comScore) and private Internet and telecom companies.

Before RKR Group, Satyam spent 9 years at AOL, a leading Internet and media company, in various roles: as Co-Founder and Senior Research Scientist of AOL Labs, as Head of Research Labs-India, as Technical Expert for real-time performance and customer experience and product improvement, and as a hands-on technical professional running extremely heavy transactional web properties with over 25 millions user per month, in a 24xForever environment, utilizing Six-Sigma processes to reduce downtime to zero. Dr. Priyadarshy led the technical strategy and architecture of customer experience data collected around the clock from across the world, for products and services including web sites, portals, clients, audio, video and advertisements., from innovatively designed set-top computers.

Previous to AOL, Dr. Priyadarshy held various scientific and academic positions at Rutgers, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Sydney, Australia. He has been a principal/co-investigator of 7 different high-performance supercomputing research projects.

Satyam exhibits strong leadership qualities enabling him to assemble successful teams by leveraging global talent. He exhibits a breadth of scientific knowledge, in-depth technology experience, and extensive business acumen. Expert in emerging technology and its impact on business, he is a uniquely valuable leader to companies seeking to leverage technology. A frequent invited speaker to leading technology, science and business conferences, and an author of over 30 research papers and articles in reputable international journals and magazines. Satyam remains on the cutting edge of the technology thought leadership and execution.

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