The Feld Framework For IT Leadership – (Part 7)
March 5, 2010

This post is last in my series and provides where the framework is successfully leveraged.

Successful implementation of the Feld Framework at Companies

Since its inception, The Feld Framework, has been successfully deployed across many companies. The framework has being generalized based on the lessons learned from these companies. The Frito-Lay case has been a topic of case studies by the Harvard Business School.

Frito-Lay                    PepsiCo                                  Coca-Cola                  Agora Foods Southwest Airlines       Delta Airlines                            Burlington Northern Santa Fe FedEx                         Payless Shoes                           Coors Brewing Company The Home Depot         First Data                                AmeriServe Food Distribution


Enterprises that are focused on thriving in the 21st century and beyond have to leverage the IT to enable them to succeed and compete in the fast changing global economy. The Feld Framework provides a robust and highly successful framework to leverage IT and enable business success with speed and consistency.

The Blind Spot can be eliminated if the leadership focuses on the following questions:

Customer Focused:

  • How do customers want to transact business?
  • How quickly are the customers moving to a different set of demands?
  • How quickly are competitors are moving to fulfill customers’ demands?
  • What is the value of the supply-chain leverage?

Business Focused:

  • What are the givens for our industry?
  • What is the value of supply-chain leverage?
  • Are there new competitive entrants?
  • What business transformation is needed to meet the customers’ demand to grow successfully?
  • How can the probability of success be improved while minimizing the risks typically associated with change of transformational magnitudes?
  • What should the pacing of investments be, both short- and long- term?

Organization Focused

  • What gives synergy vs. autonomy, in a multi-divisional company? How and where are these decisions made?
  • How can the transformation occurs and how can the business stay stable during this transformation?
  • How can we leverage the existing assets to keep existing as well as future target running successfully?

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