Great customer experience using 6C’s
April 23, 2009

Good customer experience increases chance of customer loyalty, lifetime value and free advertising via word-of-mouth and during current times via Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. Organizations that have a mission to grow profitably need to have a major focus on providing good customer experience. The following 6C’s could be followed by any company for providing great customer experience.

  • Consider each customer complaint as a gift or opportunity to improve service, product or business relationship.
  • Communicate with customers in a timely fashion. A customer whose issues are resolved in timely fashion has greater chance of becoming your advocate and recommend you to his or her friends, even though he or she had some issues with your organization in the past.
  • Continuously perform customer satisfaction surveys with the aim of understanding problem areas, and the future behavior of satisfied customers.
  • Consider your website, as one of the key tools for providing a great customer experience.
  • Customer loyalty needs to rewarded. (For example, by providing incentives for future purchases or by providing them referral credits).
  • Customer experience reviews and actions for improving the experience should become the integral part of the organization’s DNA or core values.

The customer is one of the top things that matter most in business. One of the key companies that value customer experience is Ritz-Carlton. It is the only service company to have won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award twice. To that end, all of Ritz-Carlton’s employees in every company hotel meet every day for a “15-minute” lineup to talk about their core values. More companies should have these meet ups to get the day going while reinforcing the company’s core values.

The above steps can be easily adopted by any company to be competitive and grow their business.
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