Introducing Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
January 29, 2009
Guest post by Shashi Bellamkonda : Social Media Swami: Network Solutions

One of the best reasons for this blog is that I sit very near Dr. Priyadarshy’s office and so I am constantly evangelizing blogs and social media to anyone within a few feet radius from me . From where I sit, I see that Dr. Priyadarshy is possesses extreme knowledge about various topics like DNA in Nanotechnology, Six-Sigma, Quantum Mechanics, Internet Operations, among others. He also has his fingers on technology and innovation and I am looking forward to his blog posts on this blog. I accompanied him to the Web 3.0 Conference Santa Clara last year. He spoke on a panel discussing Knowledge Discovery from Semantic Metadata. See his presentation here (pdf)

Since Satyam has the expertise in several fields and it is difficult to categorize him as a geek, scientist or engineer, what would you like to hear from Dr. Satyam. Having had extensive conversations with Satyam, I know he can talk to a wide variety of audiences from 6th graders to scientists to business leaders with a similar fluency.

What would you like to hear from him? The topics I can think of are :

SEO Ecosystem What is the semantic web? Analytics that a Small business web site owner should pay attention to ?