7 Steps for Active Marketing in Tough Economy
April 16, 2009

In tough economic conditions, it is important to keep an active marketing campaign. However, the execution of marketing campaigns need to change for most businesses due to the drastic change in one of the key principle-the cost of marketing. Using PREPARE steps one can create and cost effective marketing campaign.

7-Steps for Active Marketing Campaign During Tough Economic Times

  • Public Relations – Leveraging the public relations should be a key part of marketing. It is one of the channels that can cost nothing if done correctly and could be executed at the desired geographical area from local to international depending on the customer.
  • Reap Benefits of Remnant Space – Many advertising time slots on Radio and TV are not sold in time and are considered left over. Companies will sell this remnant space for great discounted price, specially when the time lines are tight.
  • Email marketing – Use Email marketing where ever possible in place of direct mail, as it cheaper and provide good tracking history.
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) – Pay-per-click refers to online advertising. In this model, advertisers pay for every advertisement that is clicked by the Internet consumer. One of the fast methods for placing advertisements and viewing the results.
  • Always ON marketing – Having your own website or online presence that provides customers information about your products and services, acts as always ON marketing.
  • Rethinking Social Interactions - Human beings are all social beings. Rethinking about how you interact socially is important. Leveraging the social media tools like Facebook, blogs, tweets, message boards, etc. can provide access to large segments of customers.
  • E-seminars – Sharing information and knowledge with audience using inexpensive tools is a great way to market. E-seminars and Webinars are quite easy to to produce and can be deployed for almost little to no cost, but can generated interest in your product and services effectively.

All marketing activities should be open, relevant and focused on customer satisfaction. The success of marketing should be measured by the strength of customer relationships that the organization has with its customers. Using steps above one can keep and active marketing campaign in a cost-effective manner.